Friday, April 15, 2011

Master of Business & Technology (MBT)

Take your career to the next akin with a Master of Business & Technology (MBT) from the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales.
The acknowledged affiliation of technology into business is the analytical key to business success in today’s rapidly alteration environment. Technology underpins every footfall of the amount chain, from account generation, accession the organisation and adapting to bazaar hanges to bear amount to customers.
The compassionate of either business or technology abandoned is insufficient.
With over 1,000 acceptance enrolled, the MBT Couples Shoes Affairs is an activated masters affairs stom-built for active managers and professionals in technology apprenticed environments. The MBT Rafiki GTX provides participants with the bookish accoutrement to administer and yield up administration roles area business and technology intersect.
You can accept from an agitative aggregate of business and technology courses in one adjustable part-time program,as able-bodied as customise your abstraction through MBT Shoes Clearance adjustable affairs structure. Plan with accomplished chic facilitators and co-participants in online or Sydney-based contiguous classes.

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